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CBD Oil for Cats: What It Is and How You Can Use It

If you’ve had a positive experience with CBD, you may be wondering if it can also boost your cat’s health and wellbeing. Maybe your pet is struggling with anxiety or poor appetite or they’re getting older and dealing with limited mobility. If so, you may be looking into CBD for cats and trying to find the best CBD products available today.

Many pet owners speak about the benefits of CBD oil for cats. However, you should consider a number of factors before you give your furry pal any oil or CBD treats for cats. These include the animal’s health problems and weight and the concentration of CBD in a particular product. You’ll also need to know about how much CBD you can give your pet and how best to administer it. If you’re thinking about using CBD for cats and you’d like to learn more, this guide is for you.

What is CBD Oil for Cats? How Does It Help?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering “is CBD good for cats?” CBD affects pets in much the same way as it does humans. However, you should never give your cat a dose of CBD made for people. Rather, you should choose a product that’s designed specifically for pets. That’s because CBD oils for people may have additives that are safe for people but harmful to pets. 

While there’s not a lot of research on how to use CBD for cats, there’s lots of anecdotal evidence about cats getting better after using CBD. Cats have an endocannabinoid system just like people do. Therefore, it’s no surprise that some pet parents report getting good results when using CBD oil for cats’ aggression, anxiety, inflammation, or pain. CBD may also benefit cats who are affected by urinary tract problems, arthritis, seizures, and inflammatory bowel disease.

What Dose of CBD is Safe for Cats?  It Depends!

You may be wondering how much CBD for cats is best. The ideal CBD dosage for cats depends on several factors including the animal’s weight, age, and health condition. However, you should always start with a low dose and adjust depending on the effects you notice. It is usually recommended that cats start with two to four milligrams of CBD per ten pounds of body weight. 

CBD dose for cats with serious conditions like epilepsy or cancer can be four to six milligrams for every ten pounds of body weight. You may need to experiment a little before settling on the perfect dose. You don’t need to worry about any serious side effects if you administer a little less oil or a little more oil. Still, you should keep in mind that your cat could build up a tolerance to CBD over time and you may need to give them more to get the same effect.

The frequency with which you administer CBD for cats will depend on why you’re giving it to them. A cat who has a serious illness may need a dose once or twice per day. However, if your pet experiences anxiety in a specific situation, you’ll only need to give them a dose as needed.

How to Use CBD for Cats? Helpful Tips for Pet Owners

While you may take your CBD sublingually, you probably shouldn’t try this with your cat since they’re unlikely to tolerate it. At The Cat’s Meow CBD, we sell CBD for cats in full plant unflavored and bacon-flavored options. Some cats will gladly lick the oil out of a bowl but others will only use it if it’s added to their usual food. 

You’ll just need to try a few things before you figure out exactly what works. Monitor the effects for about a week and adjust the method of delivery and dosage until you get the most favorable response. If your cat seems happier and healthier, you’ll know you’re doing something right by giving them CBD oil for cats or CBD treats for cats.

Typically, How Long Does It Take for Cats to Feel CBD Oil Effects?

It’s important to note that you won’t see the effects of CBD for cats right away. It can take between 15 and 45 minutes for the CBD to work its way into your cat’s bloodstream. The effects will last for between four and six hours depending on the pet’s breed, condition, activity level, and body chemistry.

Keep in mind that, as with humans, it does take a few weeks for your cat’s endocannabinoid system to be primed so results may not come right away.

Get Organic CBD Oil for Cats from The Cat’s Meow Wellness

If your pet is struggling with one of the conditions that CBD is typically used to treat, they may benefit from CBD for cats. High-quality, THC-free CBD that’s made for pets is unlikely to harm your pet in any way. However, you should always speak to your vet before you give your pet anything new, including CBD for cats. We stock CBD oils, balms, treats, and shampoos designed to improve the health and wellness of pets. Now that you know the benefits of CBD oil for cats, shop with us today!

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