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Mixing CBD and Alcohol – What could go wrong?

An informative article produced by The Cats Meow CBD to educate customers about the possible interactions associated with mixing CBD and alcohol.

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the use of CBD has become increasingly popular. This bill removed hemp from the definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), making derivatives of cannabis with low concentrations of Delta 9 THC (less than .3%) legal for use. Now the question out there is, what happens when you mix CBD with alcohol?

Despite the lack of research on CBD and alcohol, there is one irrefutable fact – you should always use the best CBD products on the market.

How do CBD and Alcohol Interact?

CBD and alcohol are two different substances that will affect each human being differently. Alcohol is known for its sedative properties. Many people claim to drink alcohol to relax. CBD often has similar effects on those using it, with studies showing that CBD has the potential to calm nerves and reduce anxiety. There is a lack of scientific research to support mixing CBD and alcohol.

What Are The Effects of Mixing CBD and Alcohol?

There is not a lot of information available regarding the effects of CBD and alcohol interaction. Some studies that exist within animals show some potential about how CBD may help protect against some of the negative impacts of alcohol on the body. CBD has been found to affect the brain, but research has not concluded what the cause for this is. CBD does not have the same euphoric feeling that is found in THC and even in alcohol. Many of CBD users will choose it over alcohol because it does not alter how they feel.

Does CBD Help With Hangovers?

Hangovers are the unpleasant side effects that occur when too much alcohol has been consumed. There is no standard number of drinks that determine when a hangover will occur. Still, the higher the blood alcohol concentration, the more likely a hangover is to occur.

There is no definitive proof that mixing CBD and alcohol will have any effect on a hangover. However, it is possible that high doses of CBD and alcohol could cause sleepiness and sedation.

Using CBD for Alcohol Withdrawal

There are some researchers on the subject of using CBD with alcohol disorders that believe it could be used for this purpose. There is no proof that it would be beneficial in humans, but studies have been done on alcohol-addicted rats. In these rats, CBD helped reduce intake, prevented relapse, and decreased the rats’ motivation to consume alcohol. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system and thus the way the way CBD interacts in the body should be similar.

While research concerning CBD and alcohol is limited, there is some on smokers and CBD. The study conducted involved 24 smokers using a CBD inhaler for one week. The results showed a reduction in cigarette use by 40%.

This study suggests that CBD could help with these addictive behaviors. Higher-quality studies need to be done to determine CBD’s relationship to alcohol withdrawal in humans.

May Prevent Cell Damage and Disease

It has been proven that alcohol consumption can cause damage to the body’s cells. This damage increases the risk of inflammation and chronic diseases like liver disease, pancreatitis, and even certain types of cancer. Multiple studies in animals have shown that it is possible CBD could help protect the body against cell damage caused by alcohol.

In one study, autophagy was increased, protecting against fatty liver disease in mice injected with CBD, and alcohol was administered. Researchers saw an increase in tissue regeneration in these mice.

More research on CBD and alcohol in humans needs to be conducted.

May Reduce Blood Alcohol Levels

A study in the 1970s may provide us with some insight on the issue. It found that those who took 200 mg of CBD with alcohol had significantly lower blood alcohol concentration levels than when a placebo was consumed.

The amount of CBD used in this study is a lot higher than the doses that would be taken by users today. Perhaps using the premise of the study could help researchers determine the amount of CBD that may be needed to help reduce blood alcohol levels.

Animal studies have proven to be contradictory to that study. So before any determination on the subject can be made, more research in humans will need to be conducted.

Why You Should Use CBD Instead of Alcohol

CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in the hemp plant. We have already established that using CBD may have the same therapeutic qualities that are found in alcohol – without the mind-altering effects. Many users of CBD have expressed that they feel benefits while using the cannabinoid.

Since research on mixing CBD with alcohol is lacking for humans, it isn’t advised to try it yourself. You can use CBD instead of alcohol or alcohol instead of CBD, but there is no way of telling what could happen if you do not heed this advice.

Part of using CBD is using it responsibly. While it does not create euphoric feelings like THC or alcoholic beverages, CBD does provide unique qualities that may help some people with relaxation and handling anxiety. Always purchase CBD products that are high-quality and third-party laboratory certified.

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