I received my order this week and love your products. I will be ordering again. Also the body butter sample was amazing! Thank you for researching and developing your products for us.


Just everything is great!  The products have done wonders for my family, especially the pain salve.


I had a bad headache and used the capsules and voila it was gone. I highly recommend these products instead of pharmaceuticals.


My sister has been using The Cat’s Meow CBD's Pain Salve for many months now and it continues to offer her significant relief from her long-standing hip pain! It works better than any of the topical analgesics and pain patches her doctors had recommended previously, and she would not be able to get around without it right now. We’re both grateful for this product!


My Dad has been having soreness/pain in his arm muscles.  He was icing it but was only feeling better right after icing it.  I gave him some of The Cats Meow CBD pain salve to try. He told me his arms are feeling much better after using the salve.  Thanks so much for your wonderful products!


I'm a combat veteran after 16 years in the Army. I have tried many pain pills that never help with my pain. My medical issues include nerve damage, fusions, severe pain in many body parts, sleep apnea, migraine headaches, PTSD etc.

I tried the Gummy bears from The Cats Meow CBD which has relieved my pain by 80% and helped me sleep better. And there are no issues with my head feeling weird. It has helped with my daily life.


I have made many purchases from this company.  The staff are knowledgeable and the products are excellent!


We have a 14 year old German Shepherd who hasn’t been up the stairs in many months. After just one 25 mg CBD capsule he was using the stairs. We have started him on the 1250 mg tincture and are hopeful he will continue to have better mobility.


I can't say enough good things about the CBD products I have purchased from The Cats Meow CBD.  The bath bombs are great and I have also used the massage oil, which really helps to relax my back muscles. The pain salve is great for before bed. These products have made a huge difference in my quality of life.  I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and arthritis and have limited mobility.


Love the bath bombs! When I have a backache, they melt the pain away. Will be trying the pain slave next.


Most of the brands I have tried did absolutely nothing.  Thank you for NEVER pressuring me to buy.  I appreciate it.  That's one of the reasons why I decided to try this brand.


I just started using the 500 mg CBD Oil and I'm already sleeping better!